Distributed applications

Gunilla Hugosson gunilla@REDACTED
Thu Mar 9 14:17:41 CET 2000

Sean Hinde wrote:
> I must admit that I have been struggling a bit with how release handling may
> be used to load small patches into a running system without creating
> complete new release files. I for one would like to see some simplified
> routines for updating small parts of applications while maintaining the
> overall properties of the system. Is this part of your new work? What else
> will be new?

The goal for R7 is to make sure that everything that should
work, does work. And to make sure the documentation is
correct! Release handling is a huge and complicated area
which certainly has room for improvements... If we add
anything new at all, it will be simple tools/scripts as
support for the existing release handling mechanism. I don't
think we will have time to look into routines for updating
smaller parts until R8.

Regards, Gunilla

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