Distributed applications

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Mar 9 13:51:01 CET 2000

Hi Gunilla,

>You need to make sure that the nodes are synchronized using
>the kernel parameters sync_nodes_mandatory, sync_nodes_optional
>and sync_nodes_timeout.

I got the impression from the docs that this is optional, but if not set
then during startup applications would move around needlessly. This would be
acceptable if it removed additional dependencies on recovery.

>And, more important, distributed applications doesn't work
>if you start the applications manually from the shell using
>application:start(App), you have to generate a boot script
>which starts the application automatically. (I'm investigating
>why this is the case, as part of the ongoing work we are doing
>on release handling).

Ahhh, this is what I am trying to do. I'll try it in my embedded test

I must admit that I have been struggling a bit with how release handling may
be used to load small patches into a running system without creating
complete new release files. I for one would like to see some simplified
routines for updating small parts of applications while maintaining the
overall properties of the system. Is this part of your new work? What else
will be new?

Thanks and Regards,

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