Erlang Versus Python

Vladimir Ulogov gandalf@REDACTED
Mon Mar 6 18:02:01 CET 2000

James Hague wrote:

> requested--that were added to Python--maybe weren't in the best interests
> of the language.  Or somesuch.  This is from memory :)
If we will going back to the Python history, it's never was designed and
implemented as functional language, unlike Erlang. So, it having
functions and some as I can say advanced parameters handling, but:
- no pattern matching;
- nested functions are not too easy
- functions are not a data (it possibly to use the functions as a data,
but it's require some triks)
In Erlang red book, we can read about some ways of the "object oriented"
approaches for Erlang, but IMHO this is not too serious. It's taff for
functional language to be a OO at the same time :)
> James

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