Erlang Versus Python

David Gould davidg@REDACTED
Sat Mar 4 07:13:54 CET 2000

On Thu, Apr 10, 2036 at 02:51:53AM -0600, James Hague wrote:
> >Python has some functional features, though they're not as well
> >integrated into the language as they could be.
> Interestingly, I recall reading an interview with Guido in, I believe, 
> Linux Journal.  In response to a "What would you do differently?" sort of 
> question, he responded that he thought he listened to the functional 
> language advocates too much, and some of the features they 
> requested--that were added to Python--maybe weren't in the best interests 
> of the language.  Or somesuch.  This is from memory :)

Btw, there is a nifty little patch to Python that adds list comprehensions.
The amazing thing is just how simple the patch is.


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