Erlang Versus Python

Steven H. Rogers shrogers@REDACTED
Thu Mar 2 03:18:08 CET 2000

Vladimir Ulogov wrote:
> In my humble opinion it is no way to compare Erlang and Python.

Actually, I think you've done a good job of comparing (and contrasting)
them, and I appreciate it.  I do have a couple of points of contention.

> This is absolutely different languages. The key points are:
> - Python is OO dynamic language, Erlang - functional;

Python has some functional features, though they're not as well
integrated into the language as they could be.

> - Distributed database in the standard Python distribution ... what are
> you talking about, Erlang - having mnesia;

I didn't say that a distributed as a standard part of Python.  The fact
that Erlang has Mnesia is an obvious point in it's favor.  With Python I
could use something like Gadfly or Interbase, but would have to take
care of the distribution myself.


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