Erlang Versus Python

Vladimir Ulogov gandalf@REDACTED
Wed Mar 1 15:57:05 CET 2000

Samuel Tardieu wrote:
> There is no much difference between Python and Erlang, sockets are
> accessed via a library, with a quite similar interface.
Yes, the sockets are looks the same if we forget about the Python using
socket handler, and ERlang using port. Due this difference, in the
Python you should use methods of the socket instance, in the Erlang
gen_tcp or io. But what I'd wants to say, in the Erlang the socket isn't
part of the environment, which you can't take away, in Python - you can.
> must either start with an underscore or some extra code must remove
> the binding for the functions I want to hide in the scope).
You can always use __ names which are private for specific class/module.
>From the Python 1.5 the hierarhical tree of the modules was added, which
doesn't exists in Erlang. Also, the most people do not operate with
.__dict__ or .__class__ references in the Python module/object/class,
but sometimes, it's pretty handy.
> Just an extra note for people who do not know Python:
> Python does not recompile anything that has been compiled already. I
Agree, sorry for forget to mention it. The Python checks module __each
time__ during the import. In the Erlang, if you wants to regenerate
.beam, .jam files, you should use erlc and compilation stage are
separated from execution. This affects the development cycle. In Python
it's looks like: Change->Run->Change. In Erlang
> You forgot "enhanced support for fault tolerance", which is quite
Mea culpa.
> efficiency, I quite like the Erlang approach (ports or IC) which keeps
> the "dirty" parts (compiled code) from corrupting the virtual machine.
It's aways good to have both ways: IC/ports (CORBA/popen in Python) and
integrating compiled code into machine. 

But if we will remember original posting, it wasn't discusses about
"which is the best", but what's the difference. And in this term, this
is the difference regardless it's best or worst approach. IMHO it's
mostly depends from application.

>   Sam

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