Corba structures

Björn Wingman bjowi@REDACTED
Mon Jul 24 17:45:09 CEST 2000

> The UNKNOWN exception is raised when Orber tries to decode the reply-body.
> Since the double's are contained within a struct it must have been
> registered in the Interface Repository (oe_register()). If it's registered
> just supply the Orber-version and I'll check what's wrong.

Aha. That solved it. Thanks!

(There was something strange with your mail. Lots and lots of ^@-signs
in the header.)

Another, related question:

It seems the idl-translator behaves a bit differently from other ones
I have come across. If I have this interface defined in one file, foo.idl:

module Foo
  interface Bar
    short getP();

...and this in another file, gazonk.idl:

#include "foo.idl"

module Foo
  interface Baz
    short getQ();

...ic:gen("gazonk.idl") reports an error:

"gazonk.idl" on line 3: multiple defined identifier "Foo".

...this is not what I expected, or indeed what other idl compilers do.

	/Björn Wingman

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