Corba structures

Björn Wingman bjowi@REDACTED
Mon Jul 24 16:27:49 CEST 2000

I'm trying to transfer an idl-struct from a jacorb corba server to an
erlang client. The struct is defined in idl as:

struct Lotsofdata
	double x;

... and so on, 12 doubles in total.

it is transferred with a simple call:

Lotsofdata getState();

...which I call from erlang like this:

State = 'stateholding_module:getState(ObjRef),

...but what I get from the call is not an erlang record, as I
expected, but an exception:


Why is this? Have I misunderstood something about idl-structs and
erlang records?

Simpler calls that just return a single integer work fine. I have also
tested the getState() call with a java client, and that worked ok.

       /Björn Wingman

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