Dialogic, again

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Fri Jul 7 19:16:38 CEST 2000

}  Due to the condition of Dialogic drivers, UnixWare looks like the best
}  candidate for supporting the new servers. Haven't tried it yet for
}  ERTS, though.

Yes, we use Unixware because Dialogic don't support Solaris.  That will 
change soon though as Dialogic are releases Linux drivers July 15th (it
was supposed to be July 1st but they slipped).

We have ported R6B to Unixware.  It wasn't very difficult but we do have
a significant problem remaining to be resolved and that is that distribution
doesn't work.  We are able to communicate between the drivers and the Erlang
node but not between Erlang nodes.  I did spend a lot of time on this 
problem but have set it aside for now.  Currently the only reason I use
Unixware is Dialogic's lack of support for Solaris.  Once they support
Linux I'll probably just use Linux for projects utilizing Dialogic cards
and Solaris for everything else.

}  I've been trying for years now to get Dialogic driver writers' docs
}  released so we can get better drivers and run on truly reliable
}  platforms including FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

They have a real attitude about that.  They have released that info to
OEMs in the past but they were big, big customers.
}  We have been studying the Eddieware source as an example of a
}  nontrivial Erlang system, and learned a lot.

That hadn't occured to me.  I will do just that.


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