Dialogic, again

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Thu Jul 6 21:18:17 CEST 2000

We have built, and use commercially, a dialogic driver which drives
the DTI/240SC and DTI/241SC type cards we use.  We run a gen_fsm for 
each timeslot and the driver messages back and forth directly to them.  
The driver is a globally registered process called "dialogic" and the 
timeslot processes are registered as well.  Currently we only do DS1 
alarms, AB bit signaling and tone generation and reception.  No voice.  

I do plan to release this driver opensource once I have the time to 
strip out the commercially sensitive parts and package it with a sample

I think we need a good sample "application" as all the contributions
I've seen are simple source files.  We use the full application tools
here to build releases which include supervision et. al.  An example 
would have been very useful to us as we figured out how to write .rel,
.app, etc. files.  Hopefully our implementations are good guides but peer
review will tell. :)

We also have drivers for Netaccess (Brooktrout) ISDN boards, Epicom
DS3 cards and Audiocodes VoIP boards.


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