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Gabriel Mayor gabriel@REDACTED
Sat Jan 1 07:32:12 CET 2000

Hello, I'm having some troubles configuring Inets.
I've found and I've been following one thread from 04 feb 1999, and in the last one Mattias Nilsson answering to another person says:

>Try this (assuming your 8888.conf is correct):
>1> httpd:start("/var/tmp/server_root/conf/8888.conf").
>This should fire up a httpd server on port 8888 (assuming you have
>specified Port 8888 in the 8888.conf file).
>Let me know if you have any luck.

I tried and have the following response:
** exited: shutdown **
I also start inets with 
2> application:start(inets).
But I can't view any html file from this server.
Can anybody give some tips?

a. Is there something else to change in the 8888.conf file from the example?
b. In the ServerName directive, may I put my IP address or localhost ( or what?
c. I copy all the server_root directory from the example to c:/var/tmp. Is there some other file that I must copy or change?
I'd appreciate an example of a correct 8888.conf, an example of how to call a page from the browser.

Thanks, Carlos.-
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