Tacacs server in Erlang

Mon Jan 31 21:47:10 CET 2000

I'm finished tacacs+ server and client in Erlang.

If someone is interested in it he can get it at

>From README file:

Etacacs is a client/server implementation of Cisco TACACS+ protocol in

It use plug-in modules for doing all operations in the same way as PAM
in Solaris, Linux and other Unixes does.

With included module mod_tac it can be used as replacement for
standard FreeTacacs daemon, you may also use md5 passwords with it,
they are "compatible" with md5 passwords used by Linux PAM.

Configuration is similar to one of httpd from standard Erlang
distribution (appropriated code was stolen with a very few modifications).

It was tested with Cisco 2500 routers, pam_tacplus Pam module and tacc
program of Pawel Krawczyk.

It's not yet tested in production environment and now released only
for tests, suggestions and bug reports.

Sorry, documentation is not yet completed and translated (I'll
do it at next two or free weeks).
Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED

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