Patches for christmas...

Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchez@REDACTED
Mon Jan 3 16:52:01 CET 2000

Per Hedeland wrote:

> >  I also applied the patch as described here to fix the problem with
> >extra_pointer bits and did not help at all, it again assign a 0x20000000
> >which will never make a match with the 0xc0000000 value of UNSAFE_MASK. If I
> >change the value to 0xe0000000 it works well as well if I undef the
> >Extra_pointer_bits value.
> Strange, I can't see how the configure test could come up with
> 0x20000000 when using a mask of 0xc0000000 - you do realize that you
> have to apply the patches to a "virgin" distribution and then run
> configure?
> --Per

sure! I've spent quite some time doing this over and over again, the machine I am
using is quite small, now I begin to suspect of it since some y2k crap tested


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