Roadmap for future releases?

Patrik Nyblom pan@REDACTED
Mon Feb 28 21:01:44 CET 2000


Here's some answers, althogh maybe not the final ones...

James Hague wrote:

> There are some significant features which have been talked about for some
> time which haven't shown up in an official OTP release yet:
> * Abstract syntax patterns as a replacement for records.

We have had a master thesis "worker" on that, and it was implemented, but not
really usable as long as the compiler cannot inline across module boundaries
(which is a *big* thing to implement). Performance was everything but good. The
idea is really good though, so it's not dropped, but probably nothing for R7.

> * Pattern matching on binaries (Klacke's scheme).

Pattern matching for binaries will (if nothing very strange happens) be
included in R7, as well as binary construction using similar syntax. The
syntax, as well as some semantics will however be somewhat different from
Klackes/Tonys proposal and prototype implementation.

> Are either of these in development or were they simply proposals that never
> came to fruition?
> What else is slated for R7?

Well, the binary syntax IS (as I see it) the most interesting new feature in
R7, some of the other things we hope to be able to put into R7 include a new
improved compiler (thats for sure), tracing improvements, new/improved Corba
functionality and (probaly) a new COM interface on Windows.

There is of course more than that, but thats what I (personally) see as the

> James


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