Erlang Versus Python

Steven H. Rogers shrogers@REDACTED
Mon Feb 28 04:43:35 CET 2000

James Hague wrote:
> >Does anyone care to comment on the merits of Erlang relative to Python
> >for a couple projects that I have in mind?
> It's more a question of which language you get along with best.  I think
> everyone here would choose Erlang (myself included), but depending on
> your background you might find Python easier to wrap your mind around.

I knew that I wouldn't get an unbiased sample of opinion from this list,
just a little additional insight into utility of the two languages for
the problem domains that I mentioned.  I'd expect that I could get
prototypes working more quickly in Python, but that it would be easier
to deliver robust, production systems in Erlang.  I've been using mostly
C/C++/Java the last few years, but have used APL and Scheme in the past,
so I should be able to get my mind around either fairly well.


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