A new mnesia version

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Fri Feb 25 23:39:13 CET 2000

>I just wrote in the last few days a LDAP server in Erlang which makes
>heavy use of Mnesia, and I got hit by the match_object and with the
>dump/load_to_text_file/record_name bug. I will try the new version..
>By the way, is anyone interested in an Erlang LDAP server? It
>implements the full LDAP protocol, but does not support access control
>and replication through LDAP itself at this time, but this will be
>added shortly.
>  Sam

I also started work on an LDAP server, which got started but turned into a
RADIUS server - also using Mnesia. So Yes, definitely interested in your
LDAP, and I'll also post my RADIUS.


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