Open Source Erlang R6 on Win9X

Kenneth Lundin kenneth@REDACTED
Fri Feb 25 08:49:25 CET 2000

"Steven H. Rogers, Ph.D." wrote:

> Is Win 9X supported?  The documentation seems to imply that NT 4.0 is
> the minimum MS Windows system for R6.
> -- Steve

The system runs fine on Win95 and Win98 for 99% of the functionality.
There are some
functions that only works on NT for example the start_srv service and a
connection to
the NT eventlogger etc. , we only perform serious
testing on the NT 4.0 platform. In practice the system is perfectly ok
to use on Win9x
but for serious robust non stop operation systems I  would recommend NT

/Kenneth (Product Manager Erlang/OTP)

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