Erlang Versus Python

Steven H. Rogers, Ph.D. shrogers@REDACTED
Fri Feb 25 03:12:46 CET 2000

Does anyone care to comment on the merits of Erlang relative to Python
for a couple projects that I have in mind?

1) Distributed Resource Scheduling System - This system is intended to
assist human schedulers rather than automatically generate an "optimal"
schedule.  Resources include personnel, equipment, and space.  A web
based interface is desired to allow common browsers to be used as
clients to the scheduling server.  Several classes of users are to make
scheduling inputs and view schedules.  The distributed aspect arises
from time to time when a portion of the organization operates
semi-autonamously for a time using a local instance of the scheduling
system, perhaps on a laptop.  Network connections to the main
organization will be intermittent and data synchronization is desired
when the connection is available.

2) Automated Testing of Networked Devices - This system will test
devices as they are connected to an Ethernet network with minimal user

-- Steve

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