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Matthias.Lang@REDACTED Matthias.Lang@REDACTED
Wed Feb 23 17:29:49 CET 2000

 > I would see all questions and answers posted to this list. Is there such
 > file or site?

Since the list is run by majordomo, you can retrieve all the archive
files by sending mail to majordomo. If you send mail to 


with the text

     index erlang-questions

in the body of your email, you'll get a list of files back, which
correspond to archives of each month's questions. If you wanted to
have majordomo send you the archive of last october's questions, you'd
send mail to majordomow with the text

      get erlang-questions erlang-questions.199910

in the body. 

Sometime soon (?) there'll be an HTML-ized version of the mailing list.


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