exclusive XOR

Samuel Tardieu sam@REDACTED
Mon Feb 14 12:42:07 CET 2000

>>>>> "Carin" == ETX  <Carin> writes:

Carin> Dos anyone know how to do exclusive XOR in Erlang My goal is to
Carin> encrypt information, store it in Mnesia an on request decrypt
Carin> an send as a ASCII file, is this possible ?

Since you appear to be located in the free world, why don't you use
the crypto application to encrypt data? Aren't you afraid of getting
the illusion of security by using your own crypto algorithm?[1]


[1]  Unless you plan to recode a "safe" crypto algorithm, but in this
     case, we're back to the usage of the Erlang crypto application.

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@REDACTED

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