Mobile code with Erlang

Erik Klintskog erik@REDACTED
Thu Feb 10 23:21:45 CET 2000

Francesco Cesarini wrote:

> > According to my experience, Erlang programs run much faster than their
> > Java counterpart. Moreover, the hot code-swapping feature should make
> > it very practical to update mobile agents without bringing them down.
> I believe Uppsala University ran a project on mobile agents [for last
> year
> students] back in 1996 using Erlang, so the idea is not new. Take out
> your
> Swedish - English dictionary (or favorite web page translator) and look
> at
> If I remember correctly, it was a project partly funded by Telia (The
> Swedish

> Phone company), so I do not know if the source code is available.

There where allso a project funded by ericsson that ran at Uppsala
the same semester. The project called Steam implemented a platform
for mobile agents in Erlang. There is a document about the outcome
of the project available somewhere at the Erlang web pages, I dont
recal the exact location, but search for Steam.

The marsketspace project contained no mobile agents but some sort
of intelligent agents. The agents where stationary and executed services
for the users. The main goal in marketspace was to investigate
agent communication languages. Steam's goal was security and

/Erik Klintskog

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