Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Tue Feb 8 16:47:41 CET 2000

"Bruce Fitzsimons" <Bruce@REDACTED> writes:

> Hi Luke,
> Will it return soon? Or are there more problems in the Aussie-Swede
> conversion process?

It'll be back as soon as I can get it back :-) the delay is a human
one - it seems that the person I asked to bring my machiness in
Australia (where wikie.dets is) online is a little busier than I

'Tis a long time though, I've been a bit distracted from it lately
because of moving to sweden and all that. I'll redouble my nagging
efforts and should also look at setting up an interim solution. Joe's
been Wikie hacking (8.0 or something by now I think :-) so perhaps we
can setup one here now and then suck the other content into it when I
can lay my hands on it.

Thanks for the reminder. :-)


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