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Samuel Tardieu sam@REDACTED
Tue Feb 8 15:58:43 CET 2000

>>>>> " " == Thomas Arts <thomas@REDACTED> writes:

> (1) Is there any hope that an Erlang version for osf1 will be
>     available in the near future? (I would rather guess "no"!?)

I cannot answer for Erlang maintainers, but there is a fair amount of
job before Erlang is ready for 64bits systems.

> (2) How much disk space, roughly, does Erlang need (for installation +
>     usage) on a linux machine? If this is not too huge an amount
>     I'll try to install it (with your tool) at home on my laptop
>     (running with redhat linux).

On Debian GNU/Linux for x86, you have:

Package: erlang-mode         Installed-Size: 234
Package: erlang-java         Installed-Size: 945
Package: erlang-erl          Installed-Size: 10732
Package: erlang-base         Installed-Size: 5984
Package: erlang              Installed-Size: 7220

(all sizes are in KB)

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@REDACTED

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