Running Erlang w/o an OS

Paulo Ferreira paf@REDACTED
Tue Feb 1 15:33:24 CET 2000

>The first thing that went through my head after reading about Transmeta's
>Crusoe announcement was "Hmmm...I wonder if you could make it understand
>the BEAM opcodes?"  That might not actually be so far fetched.

Well, dreaming while I am awake, how hard it would be to put a low power
stack machine like the PSC1000 interpreting Beam Opcodes ?

Perhaps such an approach will be cheaper in terms
of gates per processor ?

Paulo Ferreira paf@REDACTED

P.S.: Yes, I will read the beam documentation, real soon now !!!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Paulo Ferreira paf@REDACTED 

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