Per Hedeland <>
Tue Feb 1 14:14:19 CET 2000

David Sallach <> wrote:
> The open source FAQ suggests that GUI development should be done with etk
>rather than gs because it is a newer and better package.

Well, I guess that suggestion should really be taken as the opinion of
the FAQ author rather than an "official statement" - but anyway:

>  However, I don't
>see documentation for etk, either as a separate document, or in STDLIB.  Is
>it a part of R6B?

Actually I posted this just a week ago:-) - here it is again:

In the otp_src_doc_html_R6B-0.tar.gz tarball:


(also online at - not
linked from the "main" page, though. In the otp_src_doc_man_R6B-0.tar.gz


- should be accessible via 'erl -man (e)tk' when you've installed the
man pages.

>	Are there any plans for Erlang to support a graphic system not based upon Tk?

I don't know of any such plans for the "standard distribution"
currently, but I believe some users are looking at an interface to gtk+.

--Per Hedeland

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