Missing Include Files

cahill cahill@REDACTED
Mon Dec 18 21:00:18 CET 2000

Hi ,
    I am trying to compile the Makefile in the
<erlang>/lib/odbc-0.8.2/src directory.
It is missing some include file, or bunch of include files.
I seem to have no include files in the <erlang>/lib/odbc-0.8.2/include
directory. This seems kind of odd.

Can someone do a search of their include files which contain the
following Constants:

The above are three of 1700 or so im missing.
I have installed libiodbc and Myodbc. And i also have MySql installed. I
ran the test in libiodbc which communictaes through MyODBC and connects
to MySql , so for this reason i am assuming that is all fine.

It appears to be the first line in the Makefile which is causing all the
problems. It is trying to compile the 'C' file convert_macros.c .But
this file isnt getting the imports needed. Has anyone encountered a
similar problem, or can anyone send me their include files which contain
the above Constants.

Thanx in Advance

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