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Mon Dec 18 10:30:07 CET 2000

                         ICFP 2001: Call for Papers

       ICFP 2001: International Conference on Functional Programming
                Firenze (Florence), Italy; 3-5 September 2001
         associated with PLI 2001: Colloquium on Principles, Logics,
          and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages

Important dates:

      Submission deadline                     15 March 2001, 18:00 UTC
      Notification of acceptance or rejection 11 May 2001
      Final paper due                         29 June 2001
      Conference                              3-5 September 2001


ICFP 2001 seeks original papers on the full spectrum of the art, science,
and practice of functional programming. The conference invites submissions
on all topics ranging from principles to practice, from foundations to
features, and from abstraction to application. The scope covers all
languages that encourage programming with functions, including both purely
applicative and imperative languages, as well as languages that support
objects and concurrency. Papers setting new directions in functional
programming, or describing novel or exemplary applications of functional
programming, are particularly encouraged. Topics of interest include, but
are not limited to, the following:

   * Foundations: formal semantics, lambda calculus, type theory, monads,
     continuations, control, state, effects.
   * Design: modules and type systems, concurrency and distribution,
     components and composition, relations to object-oriented and logic
     programming, multiparadigm programming.
   * Implementation: abstract machines, compile-time and run-time
     optimization, just-in-time compilers, memory management,
     foreign-function and component interfaces.
   * Transformation and Analysis: abstract interpretation, partial
     evaluation, program transformation, theorem proving, specification and
   * Applications: scientific and numerical computing, symbolic computing
     and artificial intelligence, systems programming, databases, graphic
     user interfaces, multimedia programming, web programming.
   * Experience: FP in education and industry, ramifications on other
     paradigms and computing disciplines.
   * Functional pearls: elegant, instructive examples of functional

Submission guidelines:

Please refer to the submission Web site

Program committee:

 General chair                     Program committee
 Benjamin Pierce                   Karl Crary, Carnegie Mellon University
 University of Pennsylvania        Marc Feeley, University of Montréal
                                   Giorgio Ghelli, University of Pisa
 Program chair                     Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research
                                   John Hughes, Chalmers University
 Xavier Leroy                      Naoki Kobayashi, University of Tokyo
 INRIA Rocquencourt                Julia Lawall, DIKU, U. Copenhagen
 Domaine de Voluceau, B.P. 105     Sheng Liang, Stratum8
 78153 Le Chesnay, France          John Reppy, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
 E-mail: Xavier.Leroy@REDACTED     Scott Smith, John Hopkins University
 Fax: + 33 - 1 - 39 63 56 84       Carolyn Talcott, Stanford University
 Phone: + 33 - 1 - 39 63 55 61     Kwangkeun Yi, KAIST

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