ASN.1 enhancements: DER, open types, ...

Bertil Karlsson bertil@REDACTED
Thu Dec 7 10:49:31 CET 2000


Since June 2000 I am a member of the OTP-team, and I am developing the
ASN.1 compiler together with Kenneth Lundin ...

Lon Willett wrote: 
> More specifically, my wish-list includes:
>   * Open types -- as far as I can tell, there isn't support for any
>     open types in the compiler (tell me if I'm doing something wrong).
>     There appears to be some code in place to deal with them, but it
>     seems to be incomplete.
>     Ideally, of course, I would like support for the full "Information
>     object specification".  I could get by just fine with
>     Support for ANY might be a good idea anyway, even if it isn't part
>     of the standard any more.  It provides a general escape mechanism
>     to let the caller take over the encoding/decoding, which is useful
>     in those cases where the compiler is, for whatever reason,
>     inadequate.  It also should be simple enought to implement (at
>     least with BER, I'm not familiar with PER).  I've often had to use
>     it for this reason with other compilers.

At present we are working on an extension of the ASN.1 compiler to
manage Information Objects (ITU-T specification X.681). However do we
not have any plans to support ANY, since it no longer is a part of the
ASN.1 standard.


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