test suite design with erlang

borge.fagerli@REDACTED borge.fagerli@REDACTED
Mon Aug 7 16:12:33 CEST 2000

I'm currently working on a UML->TTCN translator. A Java program parses a
.ptl file from Rational Rose and generates a ptl-summary file and a roles
file as follows. In the end, an .mp file is generated for use in TTCN.
ptl-summary example:
ConnectionNoParam COL2:off_hook( ) COL3:Phone1 COL4:Port1 COL5:0
ConnectionNoParam COL2:dial_tone( ) COL3:Port1 COL4:Phone1 COL5:1
The syntax is:
TestCaseId:Packet Data Unit:Client:Supplier:Ordinal No.

roles example:
The test suite will need different toolboxes, such as bt(basic test tool)
and also text parsing. The erlang code will read the ptl-summary file and
roles file, generate test cases (PROCESS in bt-toolbox) for each TestCaseId
with the corresponding PDU, write a log file (event handling?), stub out
functions outside the unit under test, TRACE, PATTERN and VERIFY (included
in bt-toolbox).
I'm relatively new to erlang, and so far the problem lies in parsing the
files for generating test cases. It seems that I will need a special toolbox
for this, as this isn't regular pattern matching. The ptl-summary file
example is a for a very simple PABX - the erlang program must be able to
handle much larger files and systems. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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