make tests

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Wed Sep 29 17:54:08 CEST 1999


There really ought to be a "make test" stage
in the build though.  Once I've completed a
port I want to know that it works.  A comprehensive
test suite that tested each feature would be best 
but something that at least stressed the system 
a bit more than pulling a shell prompt would be
nice.  I have been using your estone.erl code to
do so here.  Is that a pretty good way to test?


}  There exists a HUGE test suite for the entire
}  erlang system. The test suite is pretty tied up to
}  the local build environment at Ericsson. You don't
}  want to run it. 
}  When we assembled the open source erlang kit, we discussed
}  whether to try to relase the test suite as well. It wasn't
}  feasible though. Besides it's not that interesting unless
}  you are hacking mnesia or the kernel or something like
}  that. 
}  Cheers
}  /klacke

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