Announce: Stand alone Erlang kit pre-release

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Mon Nov 29 14:07:27 CET 1999

  In case you missed it, the last open source contained stuff to make
"stand alone Erlang" - this was undocumented.

  I have used this stuff to make erlang "lite"
  The "lite" distribution has three files
  beam_evm 472988 bytes - erlang VM
  ecc_base 435991 bytes - erlang compiler
  elink    9250   bytes - erlang linker
  (tarred and zipped they are 420 KB)
  Using these we can compile hello.erl
  > ecc_base hello.erl
  To link:
  > elink -o hello -m hello -s hello main
  This makes a stand alone executable hello (494 bytes)
  Executing hello from the unix prompt 
  is very fast (<0.01 secs round trip time)
  How to do this is documented in
  BTW - I'd be obliged if you did not spead this widely *yet* -
before announcing this I'd like to get the stdin/out bug fixed.

  The program ecat.erl (in the sae.tgz tarball) doesn't work - I'd
like a fix for this *before* announcing this outside this 

  BTW - seems like Erlang is now in the perl, tcl, bash league - it might
even be smaller and faster :-)

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