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Robert Virding rv@REDACTED
Thu Nov 18 17:03:49 CET 1999

Nuno Silva <nsilva@REDACTED> writes:
>Problem 2:
>When I export a function named "query/1" I get compiler error: "syntax 
error before: '/'".
>If I export the function "queryy/1" (notice the 2 yy), no error is 
>Is it "query" a reserved word or something like that?... Even so, why 
does not the compiler report a simple " Warning: defining BIF 

You are right, of course.  "query" is a reserved word, like "case" or 
"if", and as such can only be in the context of defining a query and 
cannot be used as an atom or function name.

A query is not a BIF so therefore you will never a compiler warning 
about redefining query.

If you want to give a function the name "query" or use it as an atom 
then you have to quote it - 'query'.

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