Contacting with net_adm:ping/1

Nuno Silva nsilva@REDACTED
Thu Nov 18 16:40:21 CET 1999


Erlang version: 47.4.1

Problem 1:

I'm having a problem contacting nodes in Linux hosts.
Imagine I launch node_1@REDACTED, node_2@REDACTED and node_1@REDACTED, being host_2 and host_2 linux based hosts.

When I try the net_adm:ping(node_2@REDACTED) in node_1@REDACTED the result is pong. Ok!
Then I try net_adm:ping(node_1@REDACTED) in node_1@REDACTED and (most of the times) the result is pang.

If the same experience is done using host_2 as a Windows 98 based host, the ping result is ALWAYS pang.

Both experiences consider using:
- Always the same hosts;
- The same network configuration;
- 'nocookie' in all the nodes;
- Exclusive short node names or exclusive long nodes names (no short/long node names simultaneously).


Problem 2:

When I export a function named "query/1" I get compiler error: "syntax error before: '/'".
If I export the function "queryy/1" (notice the 2 yy), no error is reported...
Is it "query" a reserved word or something like that?... Even so, why does not the compiler report a simple " Warning: defining BIF query/1"?...

Thanks for your concern,


Nuno Silva

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