Relative efficiency of external interfacing methods

James Hague jhague@REDACTED
Mon May 24 04:11:55 CEST 1999

> > What do you mean by "newer, more direct method" ??
> > 
> he probally meant the dynamic share library version, a linked in driver. :)

Actually, I was under the mistaken assumption that IG used a different 
method than ports, but I now see that they are exactly the same thing.

>The advantage of a linked-in driver is speed, the disadvantages are
>the difficulties that are associated with running together with
>the erlang runtime system. No blocking syscalls etc.

I've been considering trying this, because I think it would be 
interesting.  Are there any good examples?  (There's probably at least 
one in the documentation, but I haven't come across it yet :)

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