config problems

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Wed Jun 23 11:55:49 CEST 1999

FROM: pate@REDACTED (Pat Eyler)
> hello all,  I've just downloaded the source (erlang+patches and eddie)
> onto a mips based linux box (a cobalt RAQ).  Building and installing the
> erlang seems to go well, although the first patch doesn't seem to install
> completely.  When I try to configure eddie, I get the following:

> Linux MIPS is not a supported platform for Eddie ... 

Actually, I don't think Erlang itself has been ported to the MIPS. 

I'll cross-post this to erlang-questions@REDACTED
mailing list to see if someone has got Erlang to work 
on the MIPS.

So, Erlang on MIPS anyone ?


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