Dynamic Mnesia Queries.

Hakan Mattsson hakan@REDACTED
Tue Jun 22 16:06:53 CEST 1999

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Elan <icimjs@REDACTED> wrote:

>>There also exists an experimental SQL compiler that generates the
>>internal form of Mnemosyne from SQL. This work was performed as a
>>master thesis.
>Very interesting. Is there more information available? (A URL perhaps, or
>an email address?)

A good starting point is to read Ronny Andersson's master thesis report.
It is available at: 


It was an experimental work where a complete SQL parser was
implemented in Erlang using yecc, but only a minor subset of SQL was
mapped to Mnesia and Mnemosyne. I can dig up the code, but I don't
think that it works today. 


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