Dynamic Mnesia Queries.

Elan icimjs@REDACTED
Mon Jun 21 19:19:10 CEST 1999

/Håkan wrote:

>There is an UNSUPPORTED function in the API that takes a Mnemosyne
>query as a string and converts it into a Mnemosyne query handle:
>  Q = mnemosyne:string_to_handle(
>             "query [ X || X <- table(q),Y <- table(r),X.b = Y.f1] end. "),
>  mnesia:transaction(fun() -> mnemosyne:eval(Q) end).
>It may still work, but perhaps it is too limited to be useful for you.

Actually, this looks very interesting. I will be testing it later. Since we
do have access to the source code (thanks to the OpenSource policy), it
could become at least locally supported (right here ;-).

>There also exists an experimental SQL compiler that generates the
>internal form of Mnemosyne from SQL. This work was performed as a
>master thesis.

Very interesting. Is there more information available? (A URL perhaps, or
an email address?)

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