global_name_server question.

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Sat Jun 5 02:59:40 CEST 1999

Claes Wikstrom writes:

 > Perhaps we should have yet another API as in:
 > Fd = file:x_open(File, [read, raw]),
 > B = file:x_read(Fd, 2048),
 > and 
 > io:x_format("Hello", []),
 > mnesia:x_transaction(Fun),

Yes, this is along the lines of what I was thinking of as a solution
in a future release. Establish some convention that there are
functions named y and functions named y' (y prime) to indicate error
return and exit/1 respectively. The convention becomes easy to
remember, there is choice of both mechanisms, and there is backward
compatibility with incremental migration to the new functions as

The only thing I would change from klacke's suggestion is to put the
mnemonic at the end of the function name rather than the
beginning. Then lexical sorting places the companion functions side by 
side. Of course it could be argued that the mnemonic at the beginning
puts the new functions lexically together, but that effect can be
achieved just as easily via a pattern match (e.g. grep).

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