-sname vs. -name switch

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Thu Feb 11 00:22:09 CET 1999

Mattias wrote:
>-sname should be ok if you're on the same subnet atleast. You should
>also make sure you use the
>same cookie (use the -setcookie switch to make sure, otherwise the
>.erlang.cookie file in your $HOME dir is read).

Oh, and by the way: You *really* don't want to use -setcookie if you
care at all about security and run in anything but a closed, friendly
environment - at least on Unix anyone on the system can then find out
your cookie using 'ps', and if they find out your cookie they can
connect to your nodes, and if they can connect to your nodes they have
all your privileges.

--Per Hedeland

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