-sname vs. -name switch

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Wed Feb 10 21:56:13 CET 1999

Mattias wrote:
>Elan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can I communicate with an erl system running online under FreeBSD from a
>> local (modem connection) Win95 system using Werl, if I start both systems
>> with the -sname switch, or do I have to use -name for this kind of
>> application?
>-sname should be ok if you're on the same subnet atleast. You should
>also make sure you use the
>same cookie (use the -setcookie switch to make sure, otherwise the
>.erlang.cookie file in your $HOME dir is read).

HOWEVER, note that the *current* open-source/Unix version uses a
distribution protocol that is incompatible with the *current* Win95/NT
version - i.e. they can not communicate *at all* - see the
http://www.erlang.org/download.html page. This will hopefully be fixed

--Per Hedeland

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