Construct for associative arrays

Robert Virding rv@REDACTED
Tue Feb 9 12:51:36 CET 1999

wboeke@REDACTED writes:
>Suppose I have a record:
>  -record(aap,{ johnnie }).
>a function:
>  name() -> johnnie.
>and a variable assignment:
>  Var = #aap{ johnnie=mad },
>Now my question is: would it be TERRIBLE difficult to implement Erlang such
>that I could address a record member as follows:
>This way, working with associative arrays would become very simple. And these
>data structures are quite useful, once you are accustomed to them.

Basically what you are after is to be able to determine the field name
of a record at runtime.  This was discussed when records were added
but we decided not to do it.  It can be added if the desire is
overwhelming. :-)

The syntax would be with current priorities:


Definitely look ROK's abstract patterns which Torbjörn mentioned, they
are also implementable on demand.


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