Toolbar in ETK

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Wed Aug 25 19:07:17 CEST 1999


I've started changing the toolbar app to use ETK instead of GS. Not because
I find it the killer application of Erlang, but its a nice simple app to
learn on.

I'm pulling out the "add GS items to menu" option, and I'm also going to do
something different with the help option (help, and help about help) as it
seems to be calling a non-existent module (tool_utils). I'm not sure if HTML
help can be implemented in a portable way though...suggestions are welcome.

Reasonable new feature requests will be considered, but don't expect wonders
from my first project.


PS Is there a protocol for submitting enhancements to the OTP package? After
I've finished testing do I just mail it off to the moderator like
a user contrib?

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