Join us in the development of Erlang/OTP

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Join us and develop Erlang/OTP,
Ericsson's software platform based on the programming language Erlang

Open Telecom Platform, Product Development is an unit within the
department Open Systems at Rescan Utvecklings AB and consists today of
20 employees. We develop, among other things, Erlang/OTP, a software
platform aimed for developing of telecom systems. Erlang/OTP is used in
several Ericsson products.

Erlang/OTP is mainly based on the programming language Erlang and can
work on a several operating systems, as Solaris, Windows-NT/95/98,
Linux, and VxWorks.

Erlang is developed by Ericsson and is a functional programming language
well suited for development of robust systems with many parallel
communicating processes, typical for telecom applications.

Erlang/OTP is since 1998 available as Open Source and large interest has
been shown from programmers, even outside Ericsson.

The development of Erlang/OTP is going on in small teams with fast
decissions paths and minimums of administrative over-head.
All team-members are involved in the whole chain of development, as
systemizing, implementation, integration, and test.
The small teams conduce to a creative environment, where own initiatives
are encouraged.

The working environment is mostly Sun work stations with a number of PCs
added for Windows-NT, Linux etc.

Beside Erlang, the programming language C is used.

Our unit needs now strengthening of a number of positions (long term
local employment):

- Support, testing  and further development of Erlang/OTP on Windows
NT/98 (and W 2000).
- Further development and maintenance of our automatic test system
(implemented in Erlang).
- Customer support and production of upgraded packages with fault
- Further development and support of Erlang/OTP giving you several
interesting possibilities due to your interests and competence. Some
examples are SNMP, HHTP-server, ASN.1 compiler, databases, and Corba.

The applicant should comply with some of the following points:
- You have some years experience of industrial software programming
- You have a degree from an University within the field computer science
or equivalent competence
- You like programming and have good skills
- You have a good command of, and like to work with different
programming languages.
- You like to work independently and to take responsibilities for the
whole development chain of a software component
- You are time and cost oriented

Are you interested? You can get more information from:

Kenneth Lundin, Manager Phone: +46 8 727 5725
        e-mail: Kenneth@REDACTED
Gunilla Hugosson, Project Manager Phone +46 8 727 5730
        e-mail: gunilla@REDACTED
Magnus Karlsson, Product Manager Phone: +46 8 727 5730
        e-mail: mk@REDACTED

Kenneth Lundin              Ericsson Utvecklings AB
kenneth@REDACTED     ÄT2/UAB/F/P
                            BOX 1505
+46 8 727 5725             125 25 Älvsjö

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