Installing libraries.

Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Tue Dec 15 16:43:06 CET 1998

1. How do I install libraries?  I installed the tar.gz with the
   core system, and then the libraries.tar.gz - but I had to
   guess where to unpack it and now it would appear that when
   I launch erl it doesn't find the libraries....

Congratulations on taking the Open Software plunge.
I hope it creates excellent synergy around your efforts.

I've wandered in because Mnesia looks like the answer to a question -
"Where in open source land can I find a nice persistent data store."
Since I'm already a functional programming guy much of what erlang
brings to the table only makes it look better to my eyes.

2. Can you suggest things to look at that are examples of
   utilizing Mensia?

  - ben hyde

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