[erlang-patches] Non-overlapping Application Distribution Node Sets

Siri Hansen <>
Wed Jun 12 17:07:38 CEST 2013

Hi Vance, I have looked at your patch and discussed with my team and here
is what we have so far:

We do think that this type of functionality is interesting. We would,
however, like to look at it in a bigger picture and possibly investigate
the functionality for distributed applications a bit more before jumping to
any conclusion. Would it be possible for you to provide us with some more
information about the exact problem that you want to solve and maybe other
use cases?

Any input and ideas from other readers of the list would of course also be
very welcome :)

While reviewing, I also found that your patch is a bit incomplete as it
does not introduce any new handling of #state.remote_started. This causes
(at least) a hanging in the following scenario:
1. Start all nodes in first group
2. On first node in first group: application:start(MyDistApp).
3. Start all nodes in second group
4. On first node in second group: application:start(MyDistApp).
5. On other node in first group: application:start(MyDistApp).
=> hangs, since #state.remote_started contains two elements and only the
first (which by chance is not the correct one) is considered.

- This is just for information, and I don't suggest that you spend a lot of
time solving this, since we don't yet know if we will accept the patch or

Best regards

2013/5/8 Fredrik <>

>  On 05/08/2013 03:30 PM, Vance Shipley wrote:
> On Tue, May 07, 2013 at 10:40:27AM +0200, Fredrik wrote:
> }  Your patch seems to fail some testcases, for certain I know that it
> }  is failing application_SUITE:distr_changed_tc2.
> }  And I have seen some indications that it is also is failing
> }  application_SUITE:script_start.
> }  Could you please look into this matter as I am removing it from pu
> }  until further notice from you.
> Frederik,
> I have pulled the pu branch, fetched my non_overlap_application_distribution
> branch, built and run the application_SUITE test suite on my MacBook Pro
> with the same results as before.  The only case failing is otp_3002 which
> failed before my changes.
> I'll look at distr_changed_tc2 and try and reason why it might fail.
> Any further information you can give me on the failure you saw would help.
> What environment was it run on?
>  This happened on both linux and darwin.
> The testcases are not failing without your patch in pu so that was the
> cause, I know that for certain.
> The script_start testcase is only failing on linux though.
> distr_changed_tc2 is failing with reason:
> === reason = {suite_failed,"distribution error: Cp2 [app2,app3,app6,app8,kernel,stdlib] "}
> And script_start with reason:
> === reason = {suite_failed,not_valid_start_type}
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> BR Fredrik Gustafsson
> Erlang OTP Team
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