[erlang-patches] Release the reltool script

Siri Hansen <>
Tue Jul 9 11:41:39 CEST 2013

Hi Håkan!

I have looked at your patch and it looks good :) Only some minors:

* You have copied a lot of code from reltool_server_SUITE into
reltool_escript_SUITE. Could you please move these functions into e.g.
reltool_test_lib.erl instead?

* In the start_gui/1 test you have commented out the actual start of the
gui - is this intentional, and if so why?

* Could you please undo the change of vsn.mk? This file will be updated at
next release.

* And finally, when you renamed the escript it looks like you created a new
file and removed the old instead of doing 'git mv'? Is this correct? If so,
could you please fix this so the full history of the file is still

Thanks for you contribution!

2013/6/26 Fredrik <>

> On 06/26/2013 04:04 PM, Håkan Mattsson wrote:
>> With this patch the reltool script is released among the the other top
>> level executables, such as dialyzer, ct_run etc.
>> I did also take the liberty of enhancing the script and renaming it
>> script to "reltool".
>> A new test suite and a new man(1) page is included.
>>    git fetch git://github.com/hawk/otp.git hawk/reltool_script
>> or viewed here
>>    https://github.com/hawk/otp/**compare/hawk/reltool_script<https://github.com/hawk/otp/compare/hawk/reltool_script>
>>    https://github.com/hawk/otp/**compare/hawk/reltool_script.**patch<https://github.com/hawk/otp/compare/hawk/reltool_script.patch>
>> /Håkan
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> Hello Håkan,
> I've fetched your patch and it should soon be visible in the 'pu' branch
> on github.
> Thanks,
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> BR Fredrik Gustafsson
> Erlang OTP Team
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