[erlang-patches] Tweaking regexp in erlang-font-lock-keywords-vars

Thomas Järvstrand <>
Tue Nov 6 23:51:18 CET 2012

Please disregard this patch, it does not work as intended. Sorry for the


2012/11/6 Thomas Järvstrand <>

> Hi!
> Currently font-lock fontification in erlang-mode fails for the first
> erlang variable in the fontification region if the region to fontify starts
> on the same position as the variable. This is because the current regexp
> requires at least one character (any character except #) to be present
> before the actual variable names starts. This patch tweaks the regexp
> slightly to allow either a start-of-word or a non-# at the head of the
> variable-name.
> The use case is that I'm trying to accomplish syntax highlighting in the
> erlang-shell inside Emacs and the problem I encountered was that in the
> following example only Bar would be highlighted as a variable.
> 1> Foo = Bar.
> Repo:
> git fetch :tjarvstrand/otp.git erlang-font-lock-keyword-vars
> Comparison:
> https://github.com/tjarvstrand/otp/compare/erlang-font-lock-keyword-vars
> https://github.com/tjarvstrand/otp/compare/erlang-font-lock-keyword-vars.patch
> Regards
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