[erlang-patches] Tweaking regexp in erlang-font-lock-keywords-vars

Thomas Järvstrand <>
Tue Nov 6 19:50:27 CET 2012


Currently font-lock fontification in erlang-mode fails for the first erlang
variable in the fontification region if the region to fontify starts on the
same position as the variable. This is because the current regexp requires
at least one character (any character except #) to be present before the
actual variable names starts. This patch tweaks the regexp slightly to
allow either a start-of-word or a non-# at the head of the variable-name.

The use case is that I'm trying to accomplish syntax highlighting in the
erlang-shell inside Emacs and the problem I encountered was that in the
following example only Bar would be highlighted as a variable.

1> Foo = Bar.

git fetch :tjarvstrand/otp.git erlang-font-lock-keyword-vars


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