[erlang-patches] Documentation patch for ct_hooks

Henrik Nord <>
Tue Jun 12 11:09:21 CEST 2012

Hi Jesper!

> A way to proceed would be to curate all these small 
> documentation-fixes into a larger patch first and then apply that 
> larger patch. Whatever you want to do.

Yes I am willing to accept such a solution, I currently have one with 
He has a branch in 'pu' containing (mostly) spelling corrections that I 
refetch when he updates it.
I then merge it when we get close to the release.

In this case I only want documentation corrections and no code changes 
(as in no spelling corrections in code thanks).


If there are more people interested in correcting the documentation, 
maybe we can include a branch they all can commit to, set up a branch on 
github, and use the online editor to create pull requests to it, and 
then submit it for review as the code stop draws near?

We consider the documentation in much the same way as source code, and 
the documentation is shipped alongside with the application in question 
and is bound by the same version as the applications themselves. This 
makes a more "open" wiki style documentation edit approach incompatible 
as the changes to the documentation also impacts the version of the 

Any and all code or documentation changes to a application will impact 
the version of that application.
This is the reason your small corrections will have to wait until the 
next release until they show up

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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