[erlang-patches] Documentation patch for ct_hooks

Jesper Louis Andersen <>
Thu Jun 7 13:30:49 CEST 2012

Hi OTP Team and others,

First the patch itself:

git fetch git://github.com/jlouis/otp.git jl-documentation-fixes

The patch corrects a typo and also cleans up a bit in the surrounding 
paragraph while I am at it. The commit-message is intentionally kept 
short since the change is fully representable by the diff itself. I have 
run no tests on the code but have verified that the users guide 
documentation looks ok after the change, in html and in the pdf.

A way to proceed would be to curate all these small documentation-fixes 
into a larger patch first and then apply that larger patch. Whatever you 
want to do.

Patch follows for discussion:

tiefling:otp jlouis$ git show
ea71a48772ae8337e663a5e97daa2e4bc6ddb6ba Improve ct_hooks documentation 
for cth_
diff --git a/lib/common_test/doc/src/ct_hooks_chapter.xml 
index 1dbb841..3c4f3c3 100644
--- a/lib/common_test/doc/src/ct_hooks_chapter.xml
+++ b/lib/common_test/doc/src/ct_hooks_chapter.xml
@@ -452,9 +452,9 @@ terminate(State) ->
<cell>Captures all test results and outputs them as surefire XML into
         a file. The file which is created is by default called 
-       The name can be by setting the path option for this hook. e.g.
- <code>-ct_hooks cth_surefix [{path,"/tmp/report.xml"}]</code>
-       Surefire XML can forinstance be used by Jenkins to display test
+       The name can be changed by setting the path option for this 
hook. e.g.
+ <code>-ct_hooks cth_surefire [{path,"/tmp/report.xml"}]</code>
+       Surefire XML can for instance be used by Jenkins to display test

Jesper Louis Andersen
   Erlang Solutions Ltd., Copenhagen, DK

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